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Vodafone revamps Mobile Broadband Tariffs

Vodafone has simplified its mobile Broadband prices with 6 tariff plans, which are designed to suit everyone from the occasional user to the International Traveller.

Business Standby
For those “just in case” moments
£3 line rental per month
No data bundle, just 5p per MB charges

Business Casual
Only pay for what is used
£5 per month line rental.
No data bundle so 5p for each MB used
1GB BT Openzone WiFi access included

Business Connected
Designed for customers who need mobile internet a couple of days a week
£12.50 line rental per month
2GB UK allowance and 5p per MB out of bundle charges
1GB for BT Openzone Wi-Fi hot spots

Business Constant
Always stay in the loop
£19.00 per month line rental.
5GB UK internet access
If a customer needs more internet access it is 5p per MB
2GB BT Openzone WiFi access included

Euro Traveller
Be ready for business in europe
£36.50 per month line rental.
5GB UK internet access
If a customer needs more internet access it is 5p per MB
2GB BT Openzone WiFi access included
1GB in Vodafone Europe Zone

World Traveller
Be business ready around the world
£95.00 per month line rental.
5GB UK internet access
Additional UK access is 5p per MB
2GB BT Openzone WiFi access included
200MB in Vodafone Rest of World Zone


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Wi-Fi Alliance to simplify hotspot logons

The Wi-Fi Alliance has set out industry requirements for letting smartphones and other devices easily log on to public hotspots around the world. The standards-setting body said the requirements will feed into the upcoming Wi-Fi Certified testing programme, which will make it possible for smartphones, tablets and laptops to “discover and automatically choose networks based upon user preferences, operator policies and network optimisation”.

The requirements were established by the Wi-Fi Alliance’s members, which span the industry from service providers to device manufacturers.

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More free Wi-Fi hotspots for the UK?

O2 has announced  plans to deploy a market-changing public Wi-Fi platform in the UK, with the launch of O2 Wifi. O2’s premium hotspots will be managed through partnerships with key venue owners and will be open for all customers to access for free, no matter which mobile or broadband provider they are with.

O2 is aiming to create a scaled Wi-Fi platform that will be at least double the number of premium hotspots currently offered by BT Openzone and The Cloud combined by 2013. It will begin rollout immediately by replacing its existing 450 hotspots in its retail and office estate. It will continue to extend the reach and scale of O2 Wifi through partnerships with strategic venues, to include shops, restaurants, retail outlets and outdoor and indoor locations across the UK.

In other Wi-Fi news,  BSkyB is looking into competing with BT on Wi-Fi and is reportedly expected to announce a deal to buy Wi-Fi operator, The Cloud. The Cloud is a direct competitor with BT Openzone, BT’s Wi-Fi service which has over 2 million hotspots across the UK. The vast majority of these are BT users who have their BT Home Hub or BT Business Hub enabled as an Openzone hotspot.

In contrast, The Cloud operates over 22,000 access points across Europe, and opening this up to Sky broadband customers could prove a greater added value. Sky would also have the option then to vastly increase this network by deploying a similar system to BT where broadband users can turn their router into a publicly available wireless access point to help expand the network.

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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S to get Wi-Fi Direct

Samsung have announced that the I9000 Galaxy S will be one of the first devices to get Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a new technology recently announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance and some pundits have suggested that it could spell the end of Bluetooth technology.
Currently when you try to connect two devices in a local wireless network, you usually have to choose between speed (Wi-Fi) or ease of connectivity (Bluetooth). Of course to use Wi-Fi you need to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network – not always possible!
Wi-Fi Direct makes a direct connection between two (or more) devices with no further equipment required. Furthermore, it only requires only one of the devices to be Direct-enabled to set up the connection.
Samsung have announced that the capability will be delivered to I9000 users via a software update, as a result existing users will also be able to benefit from the new technology.
Connecting two devices should be as simple as pressing a button and the connection will be secured by WPA2. Wi-Fi Direct works with 802.11b/g/n and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz which means there won’t be a shortage of bandwidth. Many Wi-Fi Direct devices will also be able to connect to several other devices at once – so for example, you could use your laptop to stream video to your TV while syncing with your mobile phone, all over Direct and with no router required.

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BT to launch Wi-Fi network app for smartphones

BT is launching a smartphone application that will automatically connect mobile phones to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, away from 3G networks. The app will be introduced within the next two weeks and will be initially be available to iPhone users and BT broadband customers who have smartphones based on Google’s Android system. The move could reduce the strain on mobile companies that have struggled to cope with the amount of data traffic on their networks.

The free download requires BT customers who use Wi-Fi within the home to enter their user name and password. The app will allow them to browse the internet or download other applications via one of its 1.5 million hotspots so they do not exceed monthly 3G data limits. BT customers who do not want to be automatically routed over Wi-Fi will be told of the nearest hotspot. Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Retail, said that he expected BT’s Wi-Fi coverage to be between 40-50% within two years.

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