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Ridgeway to supply new Dual SIM Smartphone

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply the Quad band A75 smartphone .The device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and sports a large, 5″ WVGA screen. As a dual SIM phone, 2 sims can be used on standby at the same time and users can choose which sim they wish to make outgoing calls from.

  • The device is ideal for those who wish to avoid hefty roaming charges while abroad as you can purchase a local sim card for data and outgoing calls while still receiving incoming calls on your usual number.
  • It can be used with a personal and work sim to avoid users needing to carry a second phone.
  • It is also ideal where customers make frequent International calls and already use an International sim.

The handset also features an 8MP camera and uses a MTK6575 CortexTM-A9 1GHz processor and has 512MB RAM and 2GB ROM (Micro SD slot supports up to 32GB).



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Mobile World Congress 2012

Last week the big names in telecoms gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2012, which is like a ‘Cannes Film Festival’ equivalent for phones. Over 60,000 people attended across the five day event, to see the unveiling of many new devices, technologies and services. So what grabbed the headlines this year?

A key theme from last week was the continued focus on smartphones. With Apple choosing not to attend, HTC announced its ‘supercharged’ OneX , OneS and OneV models. Chinese manufacturer Huawei caused a stir with its impressive Ascend line-up, while Nokia unveiled a 41 megapixel camera phone! Samsung’s success in the mobile space got a further lift with the Galaxy S2 beating the iPhone to win Best Smartphone prize at the Global Mobile Awards. The hardware buzz at this year’s event was around larger touchscreens, with 4.3” – 4.7” screens becoming the norm and a move towards ultra-slim mobiles. Quad core processors also made their debut in devices, boosting battery life and supporting faster web browsing.

Looking further ahead, NFC (Near Field Communication) and LTE (Long Term Evolution 4G) are ones to watch. The Vodafone Visa worldwide partnership which was announced at Mobile World Congress is paving the way to consumers being able to pay for goods and services with a simple wave of their mobiles. LTE, on the other hand, is all about the network and promises improved speeds and a far richer data experience.

Coming out of this year’s event we expect Android, particularly with Samsung and HTC, to dominate high-end devices alongside Apple, with RIM pushing hard in the consumer space. Microsoft will become more of a driving force in mobile with Windows 8, while smartphones and 3G devices will filter through to all levels of the PAYG market.


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RIM launch their new Mobile Conferencing App

RIM have announced the launch of their new Mobile Conferencing App now available through Appworld. The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App searches to discover conference call information from BlackBerry® emails and calendar invites dialling you in and automatically entering the required passcode so you don’t have to. All conferencing numbers and passcodes are auto-replaced with a “Join Now” icon.

Once you’ve installed the free BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app on your BlackBerry smartphone, you’ll appreciate how it helps make joining conference calls easier than ever. Now available for the first time in the UK, it includes powerful features that make scheduling conference calls simple. In fact, it’s designed to be so intuitive that even if you forget that it’s there, it’s sure to become an essential tool that you’ll rely on to manage your day.

Here are the key features in this release:

App icon – The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing icon on your home screen takes you to video demos of key features, lets you share the app with friends or colleagues and allows you to provide feedback about the app directly to Research In Motion®.

Join Now – the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app adds a button to calendar reminders on your BlackBerry smartphone that can dial you in to a call automatically. If the invite includes multiple dial-in numbers for different locations, the app can choose the most appropriate one for you (within North America and the United Kingdom only).

Email to Meeting Conversion – Help put an end to long email threads by scheduling a conference call using the “Schedule Conference” menu item on any email. The sender and recipients of the email are included as meeting attendees, the email subject becomes your meeting subject and part of the email message is copied into your invite automatically. Just add your conference call details from a stored profile, click send and you’re set.

Conference Profiles – Add conference call details to almost any meeting you schedule from your BlackBerry smartphone with a single click using conference call details from up to 10 profiles stored on your device.

Private Moderator Codes – You can keep your moderator codes private. For meeting invitations you created, the app can use your conference profiles to dial you in as the moderator. That means you can leave your moderator code out of invites sent from your computer for added privacy without sacrificing convenience.

You can download the app from your BlackBerry or view it here

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O2 warning on 4G

O2 UK has warned that mainstream deployment of LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) services is still years away but it claims that the wait will be worth it as the technology offers “incredible capacity and speed.”

A company blog posting from chief operating officer Derek McManus notes: “It’s taken the best part of 10 years to get 3G from a concept to something that’s available to the vast majority of the country. Even right now investment continues  on the current 2G and 3G network, to improve performance and increase capacity. ” McManus believes it’ll take a similar length of time before 4G hits real mass-usage, where it will be the norm for the majority of users to be using a 4G device on a 4G network.

O2 UK is currently trialing LTE technology via six mobile towers in Slough and the trial appears to be showing great promise. In fact, the blog states: “The mini network of six cell sites is already capable of handling the same volume of traffic of O2’s entire 3G network in the UK. That’s six next generation cells capable of doing the work of thousands of current generation cells. The scale is simply enormous.”

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Vodafone Network Issues 28/2/11

28/2/11  08.50   Vodafone are reporting Link connectivity issues at their Basingstoke Data Centre. This is currently impacting multiple network services.
Customers may experience problems making & receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages & establishing data sessions.

Vodafone are urgently working on the resolution for this issue.

Update 28/2/11 16.30 : Vodafone have released the following statement:-

We had a break in last night at one of our technical facilities which resulted in damage done to some of our equipment. Voice and text services are now working again and we expect the rest of our services to be operational by the end of the day. There has been no impact on the privacy of customers’ data.

We hope that our customers are now receiving services again

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