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Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7.1

Microsoft has announced the latest version of their Windows Phone operating system 7.1 aka “Mango”.

The 7.1 update has more than 500 new features including ‘threads’ for messaging, Facebook, email and Windows Live Messenger and deeper integration with social networks.

Full multi-tasking has been added and apps will now intelligently hibernate improving the power consumption of Windows Phone smartphones.

Microsoft also say that the inbuilt Office app has been improved to provide a desktop class experience. Corporate customers will have access to Office 365, which is available on subscription basis.

Microsoft has also integrated a version of Internet Explorer 9 that supports HTML 5 and full hardware acceleration.The newly redesigned Bing features Bing Vision, Music Search and Voice.

For gamers Windows Phone 7.1 has redesigned the Xbox live hub, which now features a more social experience, and greater customization options for Xbox live ‘Avatars’ similar to that on the Xbox 360.

The ‘live tiles’ in the operating system have been upgraded and will provide real time information related to the apps without opening them.

The Windows Phone 7.1 update be available for free to all current Windows Phone 7 customers later this year and will come preloaded on all new Windows Phone powered smartphones.


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Windows Phone 7 update released

Microsoft has started to distribute its first full Windows Phone 7 update.

The update brings faster app and game performance, the long awaited cut and paste function, streamlined Marketplace search, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, Outlook and MMS as well as some tweaks for the Facebook account sync experience.

Copy and paste should be very simple. Just touch a word and tap the copy icon, then tap a place you want to paste the word and hit the paste icon. It works the same way with highlighting more that one word. You just tap and then slide your finger.

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Nokia to partner with Microsoft

Nokia has announced plans to form a “broad strategic partnership” with Microsoft.

The deal will see Nokia use the Windows phone operating system for its smartphones, the company said.  Microsoft’s Bing will power Nokia’s search services, while Nokia Maps would be a core part of Microsoft’s mapping services.

The partnership will mean that the Symbian platform will be sidelined which is a significant change to Nokia’s strategy over recent years.

Both companies have experienced pressure from competitors Google and Apple but will this alliance be enough to regain their lost marketshare?

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Microsoft releases Office 365

Microsoft has ramped up its battle with Google in wooing business customers with its next generation cloud-based product. At a San Francisco event, Microsoft unveiled Office 365. The product brings together Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online. “We are at a pivot point in the adoption of cloud services,” said Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft’s Office division. “Customers will get the best of everything we know about productivity, 365 days a year.”

Microsoft said it has around 40 million customers using one of its cloud-based services. “The desktop are still king, where customers run their own software and their own data centre,” said Chris Capossela, senior vice president at Microsoft. “Office 365 offers the opportunity for Microsoft to reach more of those small and mid-sized customers who don’t have the people to run their own IT services and now we can say you don’t need them.”

For the smallest customer, Office 365 will be available for $6 per user a month. For larger enterprises, the service will include added features such as phone support, and will cost between $2 per user per month to more than $20 per user per month. “This is a big deal for Microsoft,” said Ina Fried from technology news site “They make most of their money from two products – Windows and Office. This is really changing the way they make money via a subscription service and represents a big change in the way they sell things. “They only get paid when people upgrade and this product allows them to get paid on a more consistent basis,” added Ms Fried

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