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Two new handsets from HTC

HTC has unveiled two new handsets – the TITAN™ and Radar™ which are both Windows® Phone smartphones.
The Titan sports a large 4.7 inch display, which is HTC’s largest phone screen ever, it also has an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for live video calling. The handset features a super-slim 9.9mm curved body made from a brushed aluminium shell.

The Radar makes the most of the Windows Phone software with the People Hub. It keeps you up to date with your contacts’ latest news showing all of your communication history with each person, as well as their recent social network updates and photos. You can also send and receive SMS, Facebook chat and Windows Live® Messenger without having to switch applications. It also features “face-to-face” chat with video calling on the 3.8 inch screen.

Both handsets include a dedicated hardware camera button which enables you to capture images without unlocking the phone. The camera features an f/2.2 aperture lens and back-illuminated sensor for improved low-light performance. It also has a 28mm wide-angle lens which features a panoramic setting for landscape and architecture. Both devices can shoot 720p HD videos.

“The new HTC TITAN and HTC Radar smartphones raise the bar with new advanced photography, multimedia and social capabilities that enable you to take full advantage of the latest Windows Phone innovations,” said Jason Mackenzie, President of Global Sales and Marketing, HTC Corporation. “With its large, cinematic display, the HTC TITAN packs an amazing amount of power and innovation into a device that is unlike anything you’ve ever held before and the HTC Radar’s aluminum uni-body, compact size and finish will capture people’s attention.”

The Titan and Radar are expected to be available from October 2011 globally, beginning in Europe and Asia.


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Sony Ericsson announces possible disruptions in supply

Sony Ericsson has released a statement saying that they expect problems with their supply chains in Japan. HTC have also issued a statement saying their operations were unaffected.

Many companies have announced disrupted operations due to the earthquake and the tsunami, the region that was hit is where a large part of the world’s electronics are made.

Sony Ericsson is evaluating the situation and looking for secondary suppliers of parts and places to transfer some of the component manufacturing.

HTC are saying that their operations will not be affected by the Japan earthquake and that they have a framework in place that taps a secondary supply chain in case of a natural disaster.

HTC will keep an eye on the developments in Japan and cooperate with their global supply chain and distribution partners to keep operations running smoothly.

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HTC to invest $40 million into OnLive to help with games on smartphones

HTC is reportedly investing $40 million into cloud gaming experts OnLive.

The move will reportedly strengthen its gaming capabilities and help HTC tap into increasing demand for games on smartphones. Although the OnLive investment is unlikely to stop the cloud gaming company from pushing its way onto as many platforms as possible, it is thought that HTC’s versions are to be even grander in scale and performance.

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HTC Press Conference

HTC has announced that it will be bringing out a new version of the HTC Incredible, the HTC Incredible S,  giving it a design and power boost at the same time.

The new model was launched alongside the HTC Desire S and the HTC Wildfire S at HTC’s press conference at Mobile World Congress. The new phone sits between the Desire and Desire HD on a performance level and will come with a 1GHz Qualcomm chipset, 768MB RAM and run Android 2.2.

It offers stereo surround sound, has an 8-megapixel camera offering HD video capture, as well as a front facing camera for video chat.

HTC  also announced two phones with dedicated Facebook orientation and integration. The first called Salsa will have a QWERTY keyboard and ChaCha will be touchscreen only.

Each device will have a dedicated Facebook button and although the specs on these phones are competing with the high end products they will be heavy on social networking. The button acts like a second menu button but with Facebook-context added to it. For instance, you can take a photo, hit the Facebook button and directly upload it to your profile.

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