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Instant conference calls with Ridgeway Talk Together

Sometimes when you need to make a decision it’s quicker and easier to just get a meeting together and talk it through. But what happens when the decision makers are in different places? Unless you have an corporate conference call system it could result inĀ a time consuming series of calls and emails.

Not any more!

Ridgeway Talk Together is a simple conferencing solution for anyone who needs a quick, inexpensive way to set up a conference call.

Step 1 – Agree a 6 digit conference code with all required participants (this can be any number you wish)
Step 2 – Each participant dials 0844 371 0400 and enters the agreed code when prompted
Step 3 – Talk together!

The conference facility is easy to use and can be used by anyone, at anytime – each caller pays for their own call into the conference.

The cost of a call to the 0844 number is 5p per minute from a landline. Calls from mobiles will vary depending on network andĀ individual tariff plans.


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