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Voice Broadcasting

What is Voice Broadcasting?

 A Voice Broadcast is a pre-recorded message that you send to your customers via their landline or mobile telephone. Our Voice Broadcasting system is totally interactive: when people receive the message, they can interact with the message via their telephone keypad if you want them to. For example, if you are informing your customers of an interesting offer, they can press say “1” on their keypad to confirm they have understood the message or say 2 to request a call back etc. Our voice broadcasting systems are so smart they can detect if the call is being answered by a human or by an answer phone and can tailor the message accordingly.

Why Send a Voice Broadcast?

 Compared with other forms of marketing or communication such as paper mail shots or telesales, UK Voice Broadcasts are considerably cheaper and more effective. Whereas paper-based campaigns often achieve results of less than 1%, UK voice broadcasting typically achieve up to 2.5% response in most applications, and as much as 5% in some situations.

What are the benefits?

 1. Much cheaper than traditional methods of marketing.

 2. Much faster – get your message out to hundreds of thousands of people the same day you record the message!

 3. Don’t spend thousands of hours of telesales time manually cold-calling your customers.

 4. Much higher response rates compared with other forms of communication.

 5. Instantly cleanse your database. You get a report showing you which phone numbers are not valid / not connected.

 6. Voice Broadcasts don’t end up in the Junk box and don’t get ripped up and thrown in the bin. They get listened to and acted upon.


The Ridgeway voice broadcast system enables you to deliver your message to thousands of land lines in a short space of time. Comprehensive reporting on call statistics allow you to accurately monitor the effect of a campaign. No answer and unconnected numbers are also logged.


 Landlines – There is a minimum call connection cost of 4p per call. Connected calls can then deliver a message which is charged on a per second basis at 8p per minute. Calls to mobiles cost 4p to connect and 10p per minute.


Comprehensive reports identify, No. of calls, calls answered by humans, calls answered by answer phone, invalid numbers. The system can also track responses to key presses on the handset.

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