What is EFM?

What is EFM?

EFM stands for Ethernet for the First Mile, and is aimed at providing reliable Internet connections to businesses who traditionally only had the choice between a standard ADSL service and fibre-based Ethernet services (Leased Lines). Unfortunately, some businesses found that ADSL Broadband is not fast enough for their needs, whereas fibre-based Ethernet services are prohibitively expensive. EFM fits nicely in-between these two services.

About copper pairs
A copper pair is what most of the telephone network uses. Properties will usually have a copper pair providing telephone and Internet services to the premises. When you order EFM, these are not touched. Instead, Openreach will install extra copper pairs into your property and additional wall sockets will be installed into your property.

What is the benefit of installing these extra lines?
There are several benefits to using multiple copper pairs. Firstly, you will be normally see an increase the speed of your Internet connection as you are using more wires therefore increasing the available bandwidth. Secondly, the service is more reliable. If, for whatever reason, one of the copper wires failed, the other wire will continue to provide your Internet service consequently your service will simply run more slowly rather than cease.

Fault management
If there is a fault in the copper wire between your property and the exchange Openreach aim to have an engineer resolve the fault within six hours of it being reported.

What speeds can I get?
Like ADSL, factors such as your distance from the exchange will affect the speed you achieve. However it ranges from 2-10Mb for the EFM 2 Pair service and 10-20Mb for the EFM 4 Pair service.However, with EFM we can guarantee the minimum speed you will receive.
EFM is also a symmetrical service – meaning that both the upload and the download speed are the same. This is great if you are making Internet Telephony calls, using video, or sending / uploading large files to the internet.

What is the first mile?
The first mile is simply an industry term for the connection between your premises and the exchange. It is termed “the first mile” because it is first part of your connection with the wider network.

Will I need specialist equipment to use EFM?
No. As part of the installation we arrange for an engineer to visit your premises and install the NTE (Network Terminating Equipment). This is simply the box that joins up the new wiring that Openreach has installed in your premises and ‘bonds’ the lines. This equipment will provide you with an RJ45 network socket. You can plug a router directly into this if you wish, or an Ethernet switch if you want to connect multiple devices. Many businesses will already have this equipment for their existing connection.

How many IP addresses do I get?
All EFM customers can get up to 16 public IP addresses and can be expanded to either 32 or 64 public IP addresses.

If you would like more information on EFM then please call our sales team on 01235 820800

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